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What you Need to Know about Pit Bulls

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  1. edvinas zabitis

    pitbulls are the most mysterious breed in the world,attack of aggression can occur at any moment, during the attack micro strokes occur in the dogs brain that puts him in to blindness, that calls “game” that’s what they was bred for, when he comes out of this mode he can be the sweetest dog in the world, it’s crazy

  2. Katrina Fontanilla

    My American pitbull is the sweetest and biggest baby ever. They also have the biggest and cutest smiles. And their ears look like cute little piggytails! Plus I can always rely on him to protect me 🙂 I love my baby chanka

  3. JUst a normal girl idk

    Today an unleashed pitbull attacked me and my dog. We both are ok but have many bites. I knew the pitbull and he was so sweet! I can’t understand why he did something like that… We didnt do anything that made him maybe aggressive,we just crossed the street. He rushed to us,unleashed,bit my arm and jumped on me. I felt to the ground. As soon as he saw my dog he jumped on him and tried to broke his neck while shaking him serious. My dog has MANY bites now, and is absolutely scared to go outside.

  4. Just Me

    The Pit Bull haters here have no clue what they are talking about. Have you ever actually owned a Pit Bull? I have owned MANY Pit Bulls and not a single one has ever shown any kind of aggressive traits period. People like you who are completely ignorant and are just regurgitating what some media outlet spews are reckless and you should not say a word until you educate yourself or actually let me do that for you. Most of the so called “Pit Bulls” that they talk about on the media are not even Pit Bulls! Most of the time they are mixed breed dogs who have been abused or trained by humans to fight or they were completely ignored. There are truly no bad dogs. The domesticated dog has been around as long as there have been modern day humans. They are DOMESTICATED. It is the PEOPLE that create fighting dogs of various breeds. It takes YEARS of abuse and neglect to train a fighting dog. These dog fighters will take these dogs away from their mothers and for the next 2-3 years of their lives they will live in isolation which is TORTURE for a pack animal like dogs. It is actual mental TORTURE for them to have no social interaction with other dogs and people. Not only that they only feed them the bare minimum and they will go 2-3 days between feeding them. Another method dog fighters use is to put the dogs just far enough away from each other where they cannot touch and they are outside for the first 2-3 years of their lives seeing these other dogs but never being able to smell or touch one another. And again being fed only every few days if they are lucky. When they are fed by this person he pays zero attention to the dogs. Imagine being chained up with a heavy chain around your neck when you are tiny and having no contact with anyone or anything for the first few years of your life. Always being hungry and lonely. Not having the proper shelter from the elements. Imagine very cold and very hot temperatures with no or little shelter. These dog fighters only do just enough to keep them alive but treat them horribly enough to go insane from their circumstances. Now when they do this to Pit Bulls, after all this torture, it is still almost impossible to create fighters. After all that abuse and neglect, less than 10% of Pit Bulls will even try to fight another dog. The ones that refuse to fight, which is 90% will become bait dogs and that is how they train these “fighters”. The bait dogs are used for practice and go through unspeakable torture. They endure this and when they are too weak to even be a bait dog, they are killed in horrendous ways. These dogs never wanted to fight in the first place. It is still such an epidemic in the US and in every major city. Also, they will crop the dogs ears and tails so when they are in the fights, they are not “in the way” and their dogs have a better chance of “winning”. Also, when they crop their ears and tails they are fully awake and given NOTHING TO NUMB THE PAIN. Not to mention, the daily abuse these dogs receive and if the fighting dogs start to lose they are killed by the same horrendous methods as the bait dogs. Look up the Michael Vick case if you want a more in depth look at what fighting dogs go through. Look up the female dog “Red” and what she went through thanks to Michael Vick. So the next time any of you who say that Pit Bulls are inherently vicious, mean or bred to attack, look up the facts first before you start spewing your completely false and harmful rumors.

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