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What To Do About Your Dog's Separation Anxiety

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  1. Nicole Klinger

    I have a puppy and I know it’s normal to have these behaviors, but how can I make her like her crate if I’m already having to use it when I leave the house to go to work? I tried to introduce it with treats and toys but she wines anytime she goes in it. I can leave her out when I go to work even though she’s not comfortable with it yet

  2. Daniela Torres

    day 3 with my puppy and hes so attached i didn’t expect it…having some separation anxiety. Exercize definately helped but now he wont even pay attention to my boyfriend ): hes too attached to me, which is great but also tough i cant even go to the kitchen 😭

  3. jschallh

    My 15 week old Havanese has separation anxiety. I’ve been working on him very slowly – we are up to between 10-35 seconds depending on the situation (obviously need waaay more). My question is about using Kongs. He will do puzzles or kongs when I leave and not even look up – he could care less if I’m around while he has it. But when it’s empty, he then goes back to being anxious. So how does the Kong help if it will always run out?

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