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Week 1: This is what I’ve Taught My Puppy! Housetraining, Biting, Leash Walking,, & more!

Puppy training after 1 week! Potty training, Puppy biting, Crate Training, leave it and more will be covered in this episode!
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  1. Brian Ward

    Hey Zak, my 9 week old lab, Boone and I are having trouble with “leave it.” How do you make sure “leave it” training doesn’t conflict with all of the other times I use treats to positively reinforce? How do I reduce confusion during training sessions and continue skill-integration when I’m giving treats for other good behaviors?

  2. Dan

    This series is like a real-life Truman Show where Inertia is Truman. Difference is Inertia’s life is actually awesome unlike Truman’s.

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