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Watch me struggle. You’ll love this.

If you love watching me struggle, you’ll like this! Coming next!

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  1. steve weiser

    Hi George and I would like to say that although I am not a trainer, I do own 3 pitbulls and can say that there is a riskreward aspect to owning and loving them at this point my wife and 2 adult kids love these guys and consider them absolutely family …they are very special dogs however and have child like personalities.

  2. dawn ann Gallagher

    I hope when I watch all of the George videos I learn that you and your wife adopted George. Pitbulls need to be shown in a positive light and you can show the peeps how to properly train a Pitty.
    Secondly, you need George just as much as he needs you. George is an athlete and enjoyed pleasing you even if it took a while for George to drop the ball. George was focused at least and not lazy. George was lucky to have you for his trainer. George is a handsome boy. He will be competing on a dog athletic show soon. George turned your home into a training facility in your living room which was great.

  3. tbhorselover1

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. My pit X looks and acts just like George. I’m also the crazy neighbor that has to wrestle their dog. Even with training since 2 months old, she is a HANDFUL!

  4. Jessica S, NAPLES FL

    Zak: You DON’T “have to” let George go. Please consider exactly what it is that’s making you think you need to give away what may be the one-in-a-million animal that is perfect for you at this time. Keeping George will remind you and your viewers of what untrained pit bulls and dogs in general can become with good training. BOTH of you will be encouraged to do more every day. Viewers would enjoy a separate special series focused on pit bull George’s advanced training as a “Man’s Best Friend” pet. Could George be a service or therapy dog? Could he visit old people in hospitals, children in schools? Would he enjoy Search & Rescue? Maybe George (and you) would prefer Frisbie competitions?

    Viewers have never seen a pit bull trained to do anything other than strength related or attack exercises. Pit bulls aren’t on ANY of the usual lists of dogs with special abilities or best pets. No pit bulls rank for high IQ’s either. I can’t recall seeing any pit bull that’s been trained to be a super obedient, loving pet. Viewers could have a chance to see a gentle, loving, intelligent pit bull PET in a family situation. That may help open some minds about pit bulls in general.

    George is not likely to find another owner who can give him all he needs to stay happy and healthy. Dogs are NOT people, and sometimes owners are NOT interchangeable. It would be a shame if you and George lose the special bonded relationship that makes BOTH of you perform to the best of your capacities every day. YOU are the person who saved George’s life. Many animals NEVER FORGET THAT.
    So what if George prefers your wife? That adds to his credibility as a family pet.

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