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VERY IMPORTANT: How to Teach "Look at me" , and the Training Bubble Explained

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Eye contact is an essential brick in the foundation of authentic dog training. Dogs are one of the few species that naturally look at humans in the eyes to communicate with them. Since dogs do this naturally, it’s a pretty easy step to teach them to look at us when we ask them to! This video shows you EXACTLY how to do just that!

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Zak George

An introduction to clicker training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPDOrEEsAJ8

  1. Jenny O

    My dog is a year old and knows basically nothing besides sit and lay down. I just used this information to teach him look at me and leave it in around 20 minutes and now he’s doing it perfectly. I spilled an entire handful of his treats on the floor and told him leave it and look at me and HE DID IT!!!! I’m so excited and surprised. Thank you for this it worked amazingly!!

  2. Panda Pug

    Your videos are amazing. I just found you and i’ve been watching them all day. I am looking to adopt now so it won’t be a puppy, but hopefully around 5-6 months old. I would love to see some videos on hind and seek as well as applying pressure. I have a son with autism that sometimes is a runner, so we are hoping to train our dog for him specifically to be able to help track him when he does run or to stop a repetitive behavior.

  3. robert hughes

    I have a degree in educational psychology, which is fine for working with people. But I really appreciate the way you apply the principles with dogs AND people. Dogs have so much empathy and alertness towards us, but most of us don’t know how to tap into it for communication. The use of pauses is especially interesting…to allow mental and emotional reinforcing. Thanks. Enjoyable.

  4. Stephen Luna

    What is the ideal time frame for a training session for it not to be too short or long. Also is the clicker necessary to be effective? So glad I found your channel we adopted a year ago a very hyper active lab/pit mix we have been struggling to train to listen and not run off or come when called.

  5. Rachel Waugh

    My beautiful 11 week old puppy just had an eye trauma last night and has to get tons of eyedrops. We’ve been working on look at me training and under 3 mo. she is able to look at me and have the eyedrops done. Such a pleasant and easy experience as a first time pup-parent!

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