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This is How Long it Took Me to Train My Dog (so far…)

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  1. Gabby Roeca

    My puppy is just 1 years we can walk now but he does a bit of pulling. He is great though when it comes to responding when I tell him to come, was a bit hard at first. Your video was a good example, thank you.

  2. A Park

    We just got Cole who is 1yr, Lab and border Collie mix. In 5 days we have taught him laydown, sit and shake.
    Walking on a leash is alot better but still pulls when he gets distracted with smaller animals.

  3. djohnson1098

    Great video! Since you asked for our experiences… I have found it depends upon the dog breed very much. I had a husky and was never able to train it well. On the other hand, I’ve had a few golden retrievers and they were pretty comfortable in all categories you mentioned by about 1 year without too much trouble or excessive training. On the other hand I have a German Shepherd, who seems to actually learn quicker, but has so much energy that while he mastered the basics by almost 3 months of age (without distractions), he struggles with distractions because of his prey drive and enthusiasm. So at 1.5 years he’s probably 50-75% there. At same time I feel like his capacity is much higher.

  4. Snövit Hedstierna

    I’ve had 5 dogs. They all took around 2 years to train at a high level and to be able to fully trust. It takes time to learn how to communicate with each other. No dog is exactly like the other and we as owners also change and age. Old well trained dogs can also do things that might shock you. I think it’s funny because it just shows they have their own will and soul! It’s almost like they are fkn with us or making a joke!

    I’m just having my first border collie and at 7 months I feel the training of her is my entire life and I’m a bit exhausted to say the least 🤦🏽‍♀️… some days I’ve even told her “I think I will have to find another owner for you.. I love you but I just can’t do this anymore”. The day after she’s acting perfectly 🤣. Border collie is definitely the most high maintenance dog I ever had in all ways! I’m waking up for training and falling asleep knowing I’ll wake up to train again and my girl will be 100% in for it with a super energy like nothing else! It’s been harder then having a child… Border collie has always been one of my dream dogs so I’m more then happy and in love with my new fury friend but sometimes wish I could send her to kinder-garden for a week or two just to catch up on sleep and house cleaning. Border collie is a life style! 😂

  5. Jeffrey J Byron

    We adopted a 3 year old husky with no training and I expect it will take a year to get the basics. I’ll be lucky if he can ever be off leash. The only trick he really knows is “cuddle”

  6. Arioka2

    This gives me a lot of reassurance about my 8 month old Pumi. That I can really take a step back and be more compassionate, understanding and patient of his development.

    Really thank you so for this.

  7. Matea KT

    I appreciate your honesty Zak.

    Future dog owners often think about a dog they wish for themselves, but the reality is something completely different. If you’re planning to have a dog, you need to be able to adapt. And you’re never aware enough how hard it can be.

    Tough dogs can be a pain in the ass, but you will thank them later. My adopted 8 year-old mastiff mix is exactly that. After years of training regularly in the local dog obedience club (thanks to her persistance), I will soon be able to start my trainer internship.

    Long story short: If your dog has any kind of problem, don’t give up. Just keep going. You will also learn a lot about yourself and it will change your life for good.

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