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The Secrets of Dog DNA Testing: Uncovering Breeds, History and Health Issues, with Adam Boyko from Embark

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Today’s Guest

Adam Boyko –   Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Embark – Leaders of DNA Testing for Dogs

My guest today is Adam Boyko from Embark. Embark is a leading dog DNA testing company, providing dog lovers with detailed analyses of their dogs’ DNA. This process identifies breed makeup and potential genetic health conditions. Embark clients love that their support also contributes to Embark’s ongoing research, done in conjunction with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Powered by a deep love for dogs and a passion for understanding everything about them, Adam Boyko and his brother, Ryan, have spent the last decade learning everything they could about dogs and asking the deeper question like:

  • How did dogs first get humans to fall in love with them? 
  • How did humans and dogs change each other in the years since then?
  • And how can we best care for our furry family members?

Ever wondered what dog DNA testing could tell you about your dog? Tune in to hear this fascinating story of where our dogs came from, and what makes them who they are today!

You’ll Hear About

  • [03:45] What Embark is all about
  • [08:30] What Embark’s DNA testing can tell you about your dog
  • [10:00] The huge number of potential health conditions that Embark can detect 
  • [10:45] How inbreeding could affect your dog 
  • [13:45] The first breed of dog genome sequenced
  • [14:50] Which breeds are the most inbred
  • [16:15] Testing pedigrees
  • [17:20] Variations in inheriting DNA … and is Doggy Dan more Egyptian than English? 
  • [20:37] Intriguing breakthroughs during the Boykos’ research trips
  • [22:00] What we know so far about the evolution of wolves into dogs
  • [24:00] Purposely bred breeds vs naturally occurring breeds
  • [27:00] Is the Dingo a ‘dog’?
  • [29:00] How we ended up with such wide and diverse breeds of dogs
  • [34:30] The breed of dog that sings!
  • [38:30] The rarest and extinct dog breeds
  • [40:00] All sorts of interesting things we can identify in dogs’ genomes
  • [41:30] The surprising strongest genome signal identified across dog breeds
  • [42:40] Who was “Flopsy”?
  • [43:15] What you can learn about YOUR DOG when you use Embark’s DNA testing services – and how it can SAVE YOU MONEY!
  • [45:30] How a dog’s appearance can actually be misleading when trying to guess their breed
  • [46:30] Can breed determine temperament?
  • [49:00] How to get a test done for YOUR dog

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Adam and Ryan Boyko

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