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The First Things I’m Teaching My New Puppy! (NEW SERIES: Dog Training Experience Episode 3)

I’ll start training the basics, resource guarding, getting her used to her new life and more! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at http://www.BarkBox.com/DogTraining

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  1. ARosa Del

    We got our puppy yesterday and I’m re-binging this series. When Zak said he wasn’t getting much traction on training, lure training was clunky, and that’s what to be expected, I felt that.

  2. Paul Bradley

    My partner Allison and I are just about to bring ‘Wallace’ into our lives in 3 weeks. He’s a gorgeous German Shepard and his mum and dad are the fur babies of two of my closest friends. I’ve been their ‘uncle’ for a number of years and I’m honoured to be given the chance to look after one of their pups full-time. I must admit these videos are truly amazing. I’ve worked for the BBC for 25 years and the production values are brilliant. A thoroughly enjoyable watch. I was also a trainer and the simple, easy to follow instructions are a true testament to your talents.
    We’ve bought both your books (I’m a script kinda guy) and can’t wait to use your great advice on our journey with Wallace.
    Bless you both x

  3. Trevor Hammond

    I don’t think saying “Up” to make the puppy “Sit” is a good idea. Stick to one command per pose. “Up” for my puppy is “jump up onto this”.
    That’s my only critique so far in the series :). i love the content

  4. Cmotex53

    Hey Zak, Great information… My 9 week old toy Aussie doesn’t pay attention to any treat except real chicken.. Will this change? Do you have a video of teaching frisbee? thanks

  5. pumpkin spice teaa :3

    thank you for teaching us not to pool the dog leash away when the puppy is chewing on the shoe lase but instead to make fun noise so they’ll come to you! once a puppy was chewing on my shoe lase and I threw my other shoe so the puppy would stop chewing on my shoe lase and go fetch my other shoe.

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