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The Complete Guide to Potty Training Your Puppy!

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  1. Kelsea Smith

    i just got a 10 week chihuahua puppy and everytime i’ve taken her outside she never pees or poop but when i bring her back inside she does it straight away on her puppy pad. anyone have any tips?

  2. Shari Isaac

    Here is my problem. I have a just under 6 months Cockapoo. She makes it through the night no accidents. She is in a playpen while I am at work and seems to do fine. I don’t know for sure because my husband lets her out and he doesn’t remember. All the potty training videos talk about looking for signs. I visually cannot see the signs..They also talk about rewarding her for success. I can’t see if she is going potty or just sitting. Once, I knew there was no warning because she was running toward me with a ball in her mouth and just stopped and peed. We are having about 2 accidents a day.

  3. Emily B

    So I pick up my new puppy mid pee but he doesn’t finish going when I take him to the puppy area 😩

    I am using a potty pad situation. Trying to go outside frequently but he’s more interested in eating the grass than going potty…..

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