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Potty Training: How to Train Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Be Let Outside!

When Potty training your dog, have you ever considered training them to ring a bell to be let outside?
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  1. John & Sue Chandler

    My beagle scratches the door every time he wants to go out or come back in. I’m hoping I can replace that behavior with the bell to save my doors! Thanks for the video. My last beagle used to just bark once to be let in or out.

  2. Ash Green

    I could see ringing the bell every time you open the door so the dog associates it with the door opening. Would be a good start for a brand new puppy until it’s potty trained

  3. Stacy K

    how do you do this when living in an apartment? Since my pup wouldnt be using the bathroom right when we open the door *lives on upper apaprtment floors*. I’d love for my pup to using some sort of bell system to let me know they have to use the bathroom.

  4. Curtis Mears

    We taught our puppy (1 year old) to ring the bells to go potty. But now, she rings the bell anytime she wants attention. we will take her out, but once she is inside again for 2 minutes, she rings the bell because she wants attention. And she already gets alot of attention. Should we somehow train her only to use the bell for potty training?

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