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Pet Food or Pet Fooled? A Look Inside a Questionable Industry

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Today’s Guest

Kohl Harrington – Director of Pet Fooled

My guest today is the man who BLEW THE LID on the commercial pet food industry with his documentary film, Pet Fooled.

Kohl Harrington’s mission is to STOP THE ROT when it comes to our dogs’ health! For the past decade he has been studying the pet food industry, its regulations, and the role of the FDA, in the production and marketing of commercial pet food.

He challenges our assumption that, if a food is “regulated” then it must be healthy…. Well, cigarettes are “regulated” but we all know they’re not healthy.

Where do the ingredients come from that go into our dog’s food? How are these ingredients defined? For example, if it says “corn” does that mean it has to be “corn” as we eat it, or is it just the cob after the corn is processed off it for human use? Who makes these decisions?

Regulation states that no meat other than that obtained by slaughter may go into the product, but if that’s the case, why does the EUTHANAZIA DRUG keep showing up in pet food? It begs the question: Are the regulations being enforced?


For the sake of your pet, and your peace of mind, tune in to today’s eye-opening podcast. Let’s all learn how to make better choices for our dogs!

You’ll Hear About

  • [01:30] The lives of dogs in Mauritius and why Nathalie’s work is so important
  • [02:00] Pet Fooled – the documentary
  • [07:10] What’s really in our commercial dog food
  • [09:00] Where the FDA comes in, and where food labels are misleading us
  • [10:30] How the euthanization drug keeps showing up in pet food
  • [14:00] If pet food is really “balanced”
  • [18:30] Where you can learn more about feeding raw, and what’s going on with the regulations and oversight
  • [23:00] Government decisions and definitions being made in secret from the public
  • [26:15] The power of switching to a raw diet
  • [29:00] How to choose a better food for your dog
  • [32:00] Preservatives that keep pet food “fresh” for 25 years are also making dogs sick
  • [39:30] Considering where our foods, and our dogs’ foods, come from

How You Can Get Involved:

Sign up to Kohl Harrington’s new course to learn more about this!

Join the movement to raise healthy happy dogs, instead of lining the pockets of rich Pet Food executives!

Links & Resources

Pet Fooled Trailer

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