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Off Leash Training: How to Train Your Dog To Listen Off Leash

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  1. graysen bynum

    Well my dog Oreo just already knew how to walk with me without a leash but he also is a sheep herder type dog I think a shelty but I don’t know he has three legs so he can’t do much

  2. TuziYT

    Well you see I don’t trust my dog because there’s alot of houses and we live near a high way so Im skeptical today I tricked my female dog with rocks and she thought they were treats so she followed me

  3. Trinity Chamberlain

    I just got a Weimaraner puppy. He’s going to be coming in June near my birthday. I’m so excited but I’m also overwhelmed by all the training I’m going to have to do. This is actually super helpful and informative! Can’t wait to sign up.

  4. kathrynepaul

    Excellent video and I agree with the methods and am impressed, but Athen IS a German Shepard Dog. What about a Great Pyrenees or a Chow? My Pyr is so focused on her guardian role. (After all there may be a very dangerous chipmunk out there), and if she got loose it would be “how large a territory can I establish (for protection of course)”. Training my German Shepard Dog many years ago was pretty easy because of his intense desire to please as well as his intelligence. Any ideas about these more stubborn breeds?

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