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My Dog Resource Guarded and This is What I Did!

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  1. Fausta Castaneda

    My dog seems to be training me to let her guard stuff. She brings the frisbee, drops it and just stands there looking at me as if to say go ahead, grab it. As soon as I hint of going for the frisbee, she immediately grabs it. And she does the same thing with all of her toys. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Gerardo Venegas

    We have a Border Collie Puppy. Yesterday we give him a bone and he guard that as if it was the end of world. My approach was to claim to bone as mine until he gave up and went back to a follower position. I feel that worked very well. In those cases I prefer not to use treats because I might not always have treats on me. But if the dog realizes I can claim whatever I want, whenever I want even if he has it. Is a more natural way to do it.

    After that I lure him with some bread and chicken. I that worked beautifully too. But I was amaze of how aggressive he went at a very young age. I think that is one of the most important things we should always look in a puppy. I was planning to repeat that in a couple of weeks to see how he behaves. Because the older he gets the stronger the bites.

  3. Nick

    My dog is 2 and does this severely. Is he too old to be desensitized? Especially after an incident with me or two where I’ve been bitten?

  4. Kim Clifford

    Thank u so much. My 3 year old husky mix know just started this behavior. I didn’t know what it was called or how fix it. U saved me an my dogs life. 100 times thank u

  5. Shannon L

    What if it’s an emergency? My asshole dog always seems to grab things that are highly dangerous and she’s always trying to take my face off. She’s a GSD

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