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Medicinal Cannabis For Dogs: An Expert Guide From America’s Favorite Vet

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Today’s Guest

Dr. Gary Richter – America’s Favorite Veterinarian

What’s all the fuss about cannabis?

Well, where do I start? In today’s podcast Dr. Gary Richter chats with me about all the ways cannabis can HELP our dogs. From helping to cure illnesses, to pain management and anxiety, Dr Gary answers all our questions about what’s in cannabis that helps our dogs, and why it helps!

Perhaps you’ve already decided to use cannabis and you’re wondering how to choose and source the right product, maybe you’re overwhelmed by the terminology and conflicting information about the safety of certain components, or you don’t know much about it at all but would like to learn more…

… then this podcast is for you!


If you want to learn more about this miracle plant and how it can help, then tune in to today’s mind-blowing podcast!

You’ll Hear About

  • [05:30] The components of the cannabis plant and what all the terminology means
  • [07:30] Legal considerations
  • [12:30] Why it’s important for pet professionals to know about cannabis
  • [14:00] If cannabis is safe
  • [18:30] Some of the many ailments where cannabis can help
  • [28:00] How cannabis works in the body
  • [30:30] THC: Helpful or harmful?
  • [32:00] How to choose and source a product
  • [33:20] Why a Certificate of Analysis is important
  • [35:30] What we’re learning about dosing
  • [38:00] The “Entourage Effect”
  • [42:10] When side-effects are good!
  • [43:20] How to find out more about Dr. Gary Richter

How You Can Get Involved:

Get started with the right nutrition and health information for YOUR beloved furry friend. Read Dr. Gary Richter’s book, The Ultimate Pet Health Guide: Breakthrough Nutrition and Integrative Care for Dogs and Cats.

Learn more about what’s going on with cannabis in the veterinary world and support the Veterinary Cannabis Society

Where To Get CBD Oil For Your Dog

As you’ve heard, it’s all about the quality of the CBD oil out there in the market. Is it Broad Spectrum? Is it Premium Grade? Does it have zero THC? These are really important questions, and I’ve spent a long time researching this.

I can now say that the only CBD products for dogs I recommend are the ones I have personally been involved with, right from the growing and sourcing of the hemp to the final manufacturing…

Check out my range here: Doggy Dan’s Angel Oil CBD For Dogs

Links & Resources

Dr. Gary Richter dives deep into cannabis on Dog Cancer Answers

Learn more by tuning into the podcast!

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~Doggy Dan 🙂

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