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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT–Schedule of Reuters features from this week – Reuters

Jan 21 (Reuters) – Every week, Reuters journalists produce scores of multimedia features and human-interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories selected by our editors, as well as explanatory context and background to help you understand world headlines. For a full schedule of news and events, please go to our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect here.

Nepal to turn Everest trash into art to highlight mountain’s garbage blight

KATHMANDU, Jan 21 – Trash collected from Mount Everest is set to be transformed into art and displayed in a nearby gallery, to highlight the need to save the world’s tallest mountain from turning into a dumping site. (NEPAL-EVEREST/TRASH (PIX, TV), by Gopal Sharma, 418 words)

Meet Kyuta: the 10-year-old, 85-kilo sumo in training

TOKYO, Jan 19 – Among the young sumo wrestlers lifting weights in the ring, 10-year-old Kyuta Kumagai stands out. At 85 kilograms (187 lb), Kyuta is twice the size of the other children his age and is so dominant that he wrestles, and beats, boys five or six years older. (SUMO-JAPAN/KID (PIX, TV), moved, 563 words) reut.rs/35Qp9Wu

Crops’ chance to shine in “Grow” project by artist Roosegaarde

ROTTERDAM, Jan 18 – Long after the sun sets on a quiet farm in the Dutch town Lelystad, one of its fields comes to life with a beautiful display of red, blue and ultraviolet LED light beaming across its crop of leeks. (NETHERLANDS-CROPS/LIGHT (TV,PIX), by Toby Sterling, 376 words)

Trump sought the world’s attention and got it. Now the White House reality show ends

WASHINGTON, Jan 18 – A red tie, often tied too long. A raised fist, often held high to a supportive crowd. A scowling face. A raised voice. President Donald Trump never hid how he felt. His words and body language made his thoughts clear. (USA-ELECTION/POSTCARDS (WIDER IMAGE, PIX), by Jeff Mason, 643 words) reut.rs/38Rq8b5

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King toppled from throne by gender-neutral card deck

OEGSTGEEST, Netherlands, Jan 19 – Indy Mellink, a Dutch card fan, was explaining a game to her cousins last summer when she asked herself: why should a king be worth more than a queen? (NETHERLANDS-SEXISM/PLAYINGCARDS (PIX, TV), by Esther Verkaik, 303 words)

Grounded by COVID restrictions, skiers embrace the humble snow shoe

ANNECY, France, Jan 21 – No one relishes the COVID-19 epidemic and the death it has brought, but Philippe Gallay, boss of one of the world’s biggest snowshoe manufacturers, acknowledges it has been good for business. Sales of his company’s product have exploded. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/FRANCE-SKI-SNOWSHOE (TV, PIX), by Cecila Mantovani, 360 words)

Spanish medics take folding vaccination centre to rural areas

ORONOZ-MUGAIRE, Spain, Jan 19 – As Spain widens its coronavirus vaccination campaign beyond nursing homes, health workers in northern Spain have deployed a mobile vaccination trailer that goes from village to village delivering shots to the elderly. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/SPAIN-VACCINATION (PIX, TV), moved, 177 words)

Nigerian restaurants struggle as inflation compounds pandemic impact

LAGOS, Jan 20 – Melanie Igbe’s restaurant hosted 50 people a day when it opened in Nigeria’s megacity Lagos a year ago. Fear of coronavirus has driven most diners away, but Igbe believes inflation rather than the pandemic may kill her business. (NIGERIA-INFLATION/ (TV, PIX), by Nneka Chile, 316 words)

Israeli pensioners party after COVID-19 booster shots

NETANYA, Israel, Jan 19 – The rapid roll-out of coronavirus vaccines amongst older people in Israel has lifted the spirits of an age group that has endured confinement and isolation during the crisis. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/ISRAEL-VACCINE (TV, PIX), moved, 186 words)

Danes mark 100 years of sausage stands with hotdog crawl

COPENHAGEN, Jan 19 – Denmark’s staunchest sausage fans marked the 100th anniversary this week of the arrival of hot dog stands in the country by ordering the snack from many of the popular trailers along central Copenhagen’s main shopping street. (CULTURE-DENMARK/SAUSAGE CARTS (PIX, TV), by Tim Barsoe, 179 words)


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Compiled by Patrick Enright and Tiffany Wu

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