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How to Train your NEW PUPPY to Walk on Leash!

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  1. Karen Miernicki

    Hello! I bought a harness for my puppy (an aussidoodle that will join our family in 4 weeks). However, it does not clip on top like yours. Could you tell me which company makes the harness you are using please? Thank you so much and congratulations on all your achievements! Karen (Montreal, Quebec).

  2. ronnie misho

    Hey Zac I have been following the steps from your videos but I fell like I have not been making any progress.

    Everytime i give her a treat she just focuses on the treat and when she realises that I don’t have any she just walks away.

  3. Roshen S Kumar

    What size leash should purchase for my 3 month old husky puppy , as I am planing to order online can someone advice me what size or spec I should go with… I liked the same leash in the video . Please share link if anyone got !

    Am from UAE,
    Thanks In advance

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