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How to train your dog to leave your cat alone

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How to teach Stay for a period of time:

How to teach Stay while distracted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrS5__HZvwM

Hundreds of you guys have been requesting this video for years (4m45s)! I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. Is your dog well behaved around your cat? Do you want to know how to grow communication with your dog?

Naturally, every dog may require a different approach, but watch as Sadie takes in this new concept of giving the family cat, Chloe, some peace and quiet.

  1. Slinky0887

    So I have a 6 month old beagle I recently got last December 2020 as am early christmas gift. I also have two 12 year old cats (both brothers) and when the puppy came ibto my home he instantly didnt mind my mane coon cat , however, anytime he sees his brother, he ends up trying to jump all over him, chase him endlessly and barks and yelps at him. The only thing this cat has done is keep his distant and occasionally hiss if the puppy gets too close to him. He ends up cornering my cat sometimes where i try to direct his attebtion away from my cat but he always keeps going after him to the piint my cat emds up hiding on my bed that the puppy cant reach or in his cat room where his food and litter box is. If there is any advice or helpful tips anyone could give me I would be greatly appreciated!

    These two 12 year old cats also before the puppy had lived with 2 other beagles up until they passed away a year or so ago.

  2. Janice Griswold

    We just adopted a small rescue dog. He had been “cat tested” and passed at the facility. When we first got home he ignored the cat, but now he growls and tries to chase. The cat is freaked out. This video gives me hope. Thank you.

  3. AG Games

    We just got a pit bull yesterday and he’s a really great boy and he’s good with other dogs but he barks and try’s to eat our cats and we really want this to work with him so we keep him downstairs and the cats hide in rooms up stairs and we keep trying to slowly introduce them but it’s not going that good so if anyone has tips please help

  4. Ashley

    I have a carin terrier, and I’m 100% sure if we got a kitten he’d eat it. My other dog is buddies with my bird, the little dog can’t be trusted. We have a cat he pesters daily. He nips at her. I think he would be a lot more aggressive towards the cat, if she hadn’t kicked his butt a few times, so he messes with her daily, but has a healthy fear…but he is so aggressive with small animals, it’s like a switch is flipped and he’s in hunting mode. It would be nice to be able to stop this behavior, so the cat don’t have to put up with him for the rest of her life. He’s not always at her, mostly when she comes in or leaves, and I do things like give her time to get off deck before he can go outside or he just chases her. I’ve never owned a dog that wasn’t afraid of the cat, this little one was no more than 3lbs trying to attack our 20lb cat. He is the definition of little dog syndrome

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