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How to Teach ANY Dog to Leave something alone

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While on the surface this video is about how to teach your dog to leave something alone, what I really think is important is that this is one of the first exercises you can do to build communication with your dog.

One of the fastest ways to teach your dog the difference between “Yes” and “No” is to teach them to leave something alone. Not to mention the cutest corgi puppy you have ever seen in your life is in this video!

  1. Jenny Perron

    He makes it look so easy. I was working with my puppy, and he started licking my fingers and biting my thumb just to get the low value treat. The next time I tried he started biting her tail. I think it will take us several days or weeks; not just a few minutes!!

  2. Ava Murphy

    “How many of your dogs can leave something alone?”
    Umm my dog doesn’t even try and eat his breakfast or dinner unless you tell him to and I didn’t have to train him that because he just wanted us to tell him he was allowed to do it. He didn’t even respond to clicker or treat training he just wanted to be told he was a good boy

  3. allthingsjaguars

    I have to say, we have been training our dog this, shes basically all grown up now and this has totally changed her for the better. We don’t use the clicker, but even without it, the amount of small pesky habits leave it can fix has amazed me! Definitely something all dogs should learn!

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