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How To Stop PUPPY BITING on a Leash!

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So you have a new puppy or dog and you want to take him or her on a walk. You attach the leash and discover that your dog is far more interested in biting and plying with the leash than taking walk! What do you do? I’ll show you in this video!

  1. Liza Mor

    Nice, but my puppy also wants to bite me. He jumps and bites my calves and also my hands. I understand it is misdirected exitement, but I just can’t let him “attack” me so I have to step on the leash like 20cm from his neck so he can’t jump. Eventually I can get him to sit, lay down etc and give him a treat. I talk calmly to him, but when all seems ok and I try to continue the walk he starts all over. He is 13kg and strong, so when he jumps up and bites the leash in my hand it sometimes goes so fast that I push him away as a reflex. Not optimal but it is happening automatically.. He doesn’t do this every day but almost. He gets plenty of sleep and rest, good food and chew toys, play, cuddles, stimulation… but something just takes him over sometimes… I hope he will grow out of it, as he will soon be to heavy to handle if this continues..

  2. Lisa Elsesser

    H E L P. My 13 week old Bernedoodle puppy is very challenging on a leash. She is aggressive. She growls. She lunges at me. She tries to bite me. She bites on the leash and she perfected her Alligator roll. I have tried redirecting her by asking for a sit but once she is in Tasmanian Devil mode I’ve not been able to get her out of it. It’s very very difficult to get her back into the house. She will just run, lunge and bite the back of my leg for no reason. She definitely does not like it when I need to get something out of her mouth.

    She is super smart and has picked up multiple commands already. I am worried about all the bad she is teaching herself. I need to stop this before she is to big.

  3. Ivory Coast

    I was hoping this would help me but it didnt BECAUSE my 5 month Boxer goes berserk when i put leash on her…She falls over bites leash pulls out of harness or collar …( I have tried BOTH )….and I cannot even take her to vet to get last set of shots? She is too big to carry. I live in a small community town …..there is NO ONE that has training for dogs etc and especially NOW with the Coivid… Im really thinking I may have to find other home for her……Very sad…..

  4. Tracy Hillman

    I just bought a dog that is 6 months old that’s biting and pulling on the leash. I don’t think the owner did much training when he was first new as he barks on first meet.

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