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Happy Tails Sanctuary: the heartwarming rags-to-riches tale of the island dogs

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Today’s Guest

Nathalie Duthil-Cowham

My guest today is a wonderful lady who moved to Mauritius with her husband, David, and started up the Happy Tails Sanctuary from nothing but a piece of land generously donated by a local woman. In today’s podcast Nathalie shares this heartwarming and inspiring story with us. Happy Tails Sanctuary rescues dogs (and some cats!) from poverty, neglect and abuse, and nurses them back to health.

As Nathalie says, Happy Tails Sanctuary is “full of love,” and we feel this as she tells us about how happy her pack of 70 dogs are, running about in their large enclosures with a beautiful view of the beach, with their tails in the “happy” position.

Nathalie and David also run sterilization campaigns and dog welfare education programs in the community.


Amazingly, given the huge numbers of dogs rescued, Happy Tails Sanctuary has only existed for a few years. There is still a lot of work to do and Nathalie and David are looking for dog lovers to help them out.

Listen along as we hear how Nathalie’s journey to find happiness in her work turned out to be the dogs’ tale of rags to riches!

You’ll Hear About

  • [01:30] The lives of dogs in Mauritius and why Nathalie’s work is so important
  • [07:00] How to manage 70 dogs!
  • [12:30] How dogs end up at Happy Tails Sanctuary
  • [17:00] A retirement dream come true
  • [19:00] Where the dogs saved at Happy Tails end up
  • [23:30] How bad it can be for dogs in Mauritius
  • [27:00] The power of the pack
  • [29:30] How Nathalie came to be living her dream
  • [35:00] What else Happy Tails Sanctuary is doing for dogs in the community
  • [37:00] Ways we can all help
  • [39:00] Happy Tails Sanctuary – the very beginning.

How You Can Get Involved:

Donate or buy a tee-shirt: https://www.happytailssanctuary.com/shop

… or better still, study theonlinedogtrainer.com and plan a trip to Mauritius to help out Nathalie and David with their dog packs!

Links & Resources

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