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Dr. Conor Brady: The Amazing Benefits of Raw Food for Dogs

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Today’s Guest

Dr. Conor Brady – Canine Nutritionist

I’m so excited to introduce to you today’s guest, Dr. Conor Brady, a canine nutritionist that specializes in the benefits of raw food diets for dogs! 

Dr. Brady’s interest in raw food diets began after moving to Perth Australia to work at an incredible guide dog organization. At the time, raw food diets were all the rage in Perth, a complete 180 from what was popular in his native country, Ireland. 

During his time in Perth, Dr. Conor was given the opportunity to transform the lives of the dogs he worked with while switching them to raw diets instead of processed foods. The work he did within rescue organizations and the research he put into the benefits of raw diets for dogs is incredible.


If you have any interest in the science behind what makes a healthy diet for a dog and how to begin the process of feeding your own dog raw foods, this podcast was made for you! 

From science backed information to heartwarming stories of Dr. Brady’s time working with rescue organizations, this is a podcast you won’t want to miss!

You’ll Hear About

  • [01:00] Who is Dr. Conor Brady
  • [02:00] How Dr. Brady Became Immersed in Raw Diets for Dogs  
  • [03:00] Dr. Brady’s Raw Food Experiment 
  • [06:30] How Raw Food Saved Rescue Organizations Billions of Dollars 
  • [09:30] What’s Inside Dr. Brady’s Raw Food Diet 
  • [13:30] Primary Concerns with Processed Dog Foods
  • [17:30] Feeding Dogs: Dr. Brady’s Science Based Book 
  • [23:30] The Scary Truth Behind Early Dog Deaths 
  • [30:30] Why Dogs are 10x More Likely to Get Cancer than Humans 
  • [36:30] Should Your Dog Eat Plant Matter? 
  • [39:30] How to Access Dr. Brady’s Book, Research, and Other Info

How You Can Get Involved:

Buy Dr. Conor’s latest book, “Feeding Dogs”: 

Get started feeding raw with Dr. Conor’s YouTube series:

Links & Resources

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~Doggy Dan 🙂

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