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How to teach your dog to listen around other dogs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6j4lawg9L4
How to teach your dog to listen without treats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5tQ7crqrlU

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A potentially life saving skill that all dogs need to know is how to come when we call them. Show others how easy it can be to teach this skill by sharing:)

In this video I’ll show you,

What you need to do to build a reliable “come”.

How to prevent your training sessions from turning into an all out game of chase around the neighborhood.

What to do when they do not listen to your repeated requests to come to you.

How to prepare your dog to listen to “Come” around unexpected distractions.

What to do if your dog only comes halfway to you and then ignores you.

  1. Half n' Half Curly

    What do I do if a dog doesn‘t react to a calling at all? We just got a rescue and he‘s quite anxious, he doesn’t seem to understand at all when we try to call him even just for the distance of a meter. We‘ve only had him for 3 days now, I want to start training in about 4-5 days to give him time to get used to us first, so any tips and strategies are highly appreciated. 😊

  2. Kyra Kou

    Please anybody help please!!!

    My dog turned 1 last month, he’s already has his surgery (yk) but he doesn’t listen to ANYTHING I say. He won’t come in when called, he won’t stop barking, and he chews everything. This morning it was POURING and he would NOT come inside, it took 30 minutes to get him in. My parents have been talking about giving him to a shelter but I don’t wanna lose him at such a young age, they don’t know how that would affect a 12 year old. I need him and I can’t have him gone. Treats and toys don’t work to bring him in, or to bribe him to stop barking.. I’ve tried multiple training methods, and none of them works. Help pls I need to train him. (Ps, he’s a Labrador mix, we don’t know what breed his father his)

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