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Christina Burki: The Power of Animal Communication and Connection

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Today’s Guest

Christina Burki – Animal Communicator

I’m so excited to introduce to you today’s guest, Christina Burki, an animal communicator that works to bring peace and understanding between animal parents and their pets.


Christina’s journey began as a psychotherapist for humans. Everything changed when she adopted her first dog, a labrador, and decided to take a course on animal communication.

During the workshop, Christina realized she had a gift for communicating with animals who were willing to share their thoughts. At risk of being called crazy by her peers, she began reading animals in hopes of helping pet parents around the world. 

If you have any interest in how Christina talks to animals, what they have to say, and want to hear some incredible stories from her work, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss!

You’ll Hear About

  • [01:00] Who is Christina Burki
  • [06:00] Christina’s first animal communication experience
  • [08:00] Elle and Chris’s Story
  • [10:30] Labrador’s Healing Kidney Story
  • [14:00] Amazing Elephant Story
  • [19:00] How Animal Communication Works
  • [25:00] Christina’s Communication Services
  • [28:00] Aggressive Horse Story
  • [32:00] Stories On Crossing the Rainbow Bridge 
  • [39:00] Ubud’s Story 
  • [43:00] How to Connect with and Learn More About Christina’s Work

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~Doggy Dan 🙂

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