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A Wolf Called Romeo: The Alaskan Wolf Who Loved Dogs

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Today’s Guest

Nick Jans

My guest today is a man known to be the most prolific author and photographer of Alaskan wildlife, landscapes and culture, Nick Jans. But what he’s most well known for is bringing a huge, black, wild wolf called Romeo, into the hearts and minds of people all across the world.

This is such a special podcast for me. I’ve always loved the wolves, and what they’ve taught me about our dogs. Chatting with a studier of wolves in the wild, someone who has been up close with them, is a goal I’ve had for a long time — a bucket-list ticker!

Nick has spent much of his life in Alaska and had many encounters with the large black wolf known as Romeo. Hear the story of how Romeo interacted with people and became friends with local dogs. Warm your heart as Nick tells us about the first time his labrador, Dakota, met Romeo, and laugh along when Romeo plays just like a dog!

You’ll Hear About

  • [05:00] Nick’s beginning with the wolves
  • [14:50] How close exactly did Nick get to Romeo?
  • [20:35] How Romeo became friends with Nick’s labrador, Dakota
  • [27:00] How old the human-dog relationship is
  • [29:00] Wolves – the SuperDogs!
  • [33:30] Do wolves play with balls?
  • [24:30] Dances With Wolves – how accurately the wolf-human interaction portrayed in this film
  • [37:00] The special relationship between the Shoshone Indians and the local wolves
  • [38:45] If wolves really are a danger to people
  • [47:35] Romeo’s tragedy

How You Can Get Involved:

Buy A Wolf Called Romeo from Nick’s website and grab yourself a bargain as he pairs it up with The Giant’s Hand: A Life in Arctic Alaska for just $30! He’ll even personalize the books for you!

Keep Romeo’s story in your heart, and use it to remind yourself of how loving and amazing these often misunderstood creatures really are!  

Links & Resources

2 great videos of Nick speaking about Romeo

Learn more by tuning into the podcast!

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~Doggy Dan 🙂

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